A New Voice

Hi there! Thanks for considering me to represent Ward 2 on St. John’s City Council. I decided to put my name forward because I was tired of bemoaning the lack of people like me- young, working-class, female- making the decisions that effect the lives of resident in the city on a day-to-day level. I feel a direction informed by the lived experience of people in Ward 2 is critically important as we shape our next steps into the future. I want to see a city in which everyone, regardless of identity, feels they can participate and engage with life actively, where people feel connected to a sense of place and to one another. I want to live in a city that honours its heritage and culture while seeking bold new solutions to evolving issues. If you think so, too, consider voting Hope for Ward 2 this September! Remember to register on the city website at https://www.stjohns.ca/city-hall/municipal-election/voter-registration!

If you’d like to volunteer or donate, or if you have questions, please reach out to hopeforward2@gmail.com


Jamieson Calls for Climate-Informed Policy at City Hall

“All levels of government must take action to mitigate and prepare for the effects of climate change,” says Hope Jamieson, candidate for Ward 2 Councillor in St. John’s, “We should consider the economic, social, and environmental steps we can take at the municipal level.”


She continues, “First, encourage alternative energy companies to build their businesses in St. John’s. We should be sending officials to conferences with these industries just as with oil & gas. Furthermore, we need to increase support for small, local businesses to build a resilient economy that is not as sensitive to commodity price fluctuations.”


“Second, investment in public transit and cycling networks, and a focus on walkability in urban planning all help residents to opt-in to green choices in their daily lives. We might include incentives in our property tax structure for green building, like a ranking system for energy efficiency tied to tax levels.”


“Finally, let’s acknowledge the realities of climate change when we look at urban planning, including estimated increases in sea levels. We need to consult closely with experts to take this into account as we envision the St. John’s of the future.”


Media contact: Hope Jamieson, 770-0546

Email:  hopeforward2@gmail.com

Citizens Deserve Affordable, Connected Communities

“Affordablility has become a big problem in our city”, says Hope Jamieson, candidate for Ward 2 Councilor in the City of St. John’s. “This is a particularly important issue for my ward which has a high percentage of low income earners.”  


Living in urban areas has become increasingly expensive in recent decades. Wages are worth less, as the cost of living continually increases. The effects of this can be seen in St. John’s. “This is a serious concern for many people in our City which needs to be addressed immediately,” says Jamieson.

“Everyone deserves to live in safe and affordable neighbourhoods. Our residents deserve walkable, inclusive, and connected communities. This is important for our seniors, small businesses, families, and children,” she maintains.


“If elected, I will work hard to ensure the city spends responsibily, investing in high-quality services and strategic economic sectors, all within the context of forward-thinking urban planning to decrease waste and increase efficiency. I will advocate for affordable housing and transportation solutions, which will increase quality of life for all.”


Jamieson is a mother, entrepreneur, activist, and community leader who lives in Ward 2. She is advocating for a more efficient City Hall, sustainable development, enhancement of cultural industries, and achieving healthier communities.


Media contact: Hope Jamieson, 770-0546

Email:  hopeforward2@gmail.com

Time to Bring an End to Bullying at City Council Meetings

Time to bring an end to bullying at City Council meetings

Statement by Hope Jamieson, candidate for St. John’s City Council, Ward 2

Sept. 10, 2017

It is time for voters in St. John’s to elect candidates who demonstrate greater respect for one another and their constituents.

Councillors have a responsibility to work together in a way that makes space for diverse voices from the communities they represent and builds consensus to create positive change in the lives of residents.

Overt displays of bullying cannot be tolerated at City Hall. It’s time to change the political culture in our city and to make Council a welcoming and safe place for elected representatives who do not speak for an old-boys network. We need to move past petty schoolyard bickering and engage meaningfully with residents to take real action on creating a safe, affordable, connected city where all people feel heard and valued.

Hope Jamieson can be contacted at 709-770-0545 or hopeforward2@gmail.com



Hope is committed to being an advocate for residents; for this reason, only donations from individuals will be accepted. The donors list is updated regularly and available here.

Donations can be sent via e-transfer to hopeforward2@gmail.com with the password “hopeforward2”. Thanks for your support!

Priorities 2017

Accountability and transparency in government: residents should be able to see a clear line from when their taxes leave their pockets to the delivery of timely, high-quality services! I will work to put an end to unnecessary closed-door meetings and implement a more meaningful consultation process to ensure City services really meet the needs of residents. Engagement is more than just explaining what’s already been decided- it’s getting representative input from all residents about how City decisions effect their lives before planning takes place. If we get it right the first time, we save money on expensive and unnecessary duplicate studies and can put that money into making people’s lives better. Accountability also means delivering on commitments one-time and on-budget in a way that has a greater vision for the city as a whole. We need a clear municipal plan that guides us to make decisions based on our values as a City, and all Council’s decisions need to stem from there.


Liveable Communities: creating walkable, inclusive, connected neighbourhoods is critical for the physical and mental health of the city! I’ll champion improvements for sidewalk networks and snowclearing so that residents of all abilities can move throughout the city in all seasons. I’ll push for council to finish implementing its cycling plan to decrease noise, congestion, and stress on parking and roadways, as well as press transit improvements until we have a service that meets the unique needs of this place. By promoting mixed zoning, I’ll support the creation of walkable neighbourhoods that facilitate a sense of community and connection, where people can walk to services and have ready access to parks and green space. I’ll promote the interests of small, local businesses to support a diverse and supple economy less sensitive to commodity price fluctuations, and which keeps more dollars here in the community.


Arts, Culture and Built Heritage: these are what makes St. John’s special. I will advocate for proper funding for arts and culture and the long-overdue establishment of a downtown community centre and creation space. This will help not only to empower our cultural workers but create a space for residents to connect to the arts and to each other, with the additional benefit of increasing foot traffic to this underutilized part of the downtown core. I will work to revitalize downtown by proposing a grants or low-interest loans program for small business entrepreneurs to fill up the empty storefronts downtown. I will fight for more robust protections for heritage buildings to prevent irretrievable loss of this intrinsic part of our unique character. Through these initiatives combined, we not only make this city a vibrant, engaging place to live, but generate a distinctive product that we can market to attract businesses and tourists from outside the province. This is a key piece of creating a healthy  and resilient economy- by emphasizing our strengths and what makes us exceptional, we retain our character while strengthening our fiscal prospects, an essential consideration for moving into the future.


We need a Ward 2 Councillor who is connected to the community and will bring a strong voice to the council table. Hope Jamieson is that voice. Register to vote and elect Hope for Ward 2 this September!


Questions? Want to volunteer or donate? Contact hopeforward2@gmail.com

Hope for Ward 2

Dynamic. Inclusive. Forward-thinking. These words describe healthy, thriving communities that move gracefully through these rapidly-changing times. It’s time for St. John’s to apply these descriptors to itself. We need fresh leadership, people-centered, research-driven thinking not bound by simple repetition of old patterns, to shape a city that will remain economically and socially vibrant going forward. This means focusing on our strengths- our culture, tourism, natural beauty, small business; while working with the challenges of geography, weather, economic instability and aging infrastructure. We cannot keep doing the same thing we’ve always done if we expect to succeed. We need new ways to navigate that put the citizens of this city at the fore, focused on quality of life for all.

I’m asking the residents of Ward 2 to elect me as Ward Councillor this September so I can bring a fresh perspective and direction to our city. As a resident of the ward myself, I have a keen sense of our strengths and what we need to continue to build a connected, happy, healthy community. This part of St. John’s in particular has an incredible character and history that has to be honored and preserved as we seek out new and bold solutions that help all residents enjoy an engaged life here.

Who am I? A young mother, entrepreneur, activist, community leader. I understand from direct life experience the needs of small business, working people, arts and culture, and families. My working life began as part of a small family tourism business that we, as a family, built from the ground up. I’ve gone on to work in the skilled trades, hospitality, and wellness industries. I’m a feminist and an advocate for families and the rights of all to enjoy safety, agency, and comfort where we live. I have extensive training in active listening which will be invaluable as I bring the needs of my constituents to the table at council.

Please get in touch if you have issues you’do like to discuss, or if you wish to volunteer or donate to the campaign. Reach out to hopeforward2@gmail.com