St. John’s Needs Hope!

Dynamic. Inclusive. Forward-thinking.

These words describe healthy, thriving communities that move gracefully through these rapidly-changing times. It’s time for St. John’s to apply these descriptors to itself. We need fresh leadership, people-centered, research-driven thinking not bound by simple repetition of old patterns, to shape a city that will remain economically and socially vibrant going forward. This means focusing on our strengths- our culture, tourism, natural beauty, small business; while working with the challenges of geography, weather, economic instability and aging infrastructure. We cannot keep doing the same thing we’ve always done if we expect to succeed. We need new ways to navigate that put the citizens of this city at the fore, focused on quality of life for all.

I’m asking the residents of Ward 2 to elect me, Hope Jamieson, as Ward Councillor this September so I can bring a fresh perspective and direction to our city. As a resident of the ward myself, I have a keen sense of our strengths and what we need to continue to build a connected, happy, healthy community. This part of St. John’s in particular has an incredible character and history that has to be honored and preserved as we seek out new and bold solutions that help all residents enjoy an engaged life here.

Who am I? A young mother, entrepreneur, activist, community leader. I understand from direct life experience the needs of small business, working people, arts and culture, and families. My working life began as part of a small family tourism business that we, as a family, built from the ground up. I’ve gone on to work in the skilled trades, hospitality, and wellness industries. I’m a feminist and an advocate for families and the rights of all to enjoy safety, agency, and comfort where we live. I have extensive training in active listening which will be invaluable as I bring the needs of my constituents to the table at council.

Please get in touch if you have issues you’do like to discuss, or if you wish to volunteer or donate to the campaign. Reach out to